The Hunt

Jim's diary 7

Jim’s Diary
Well shit. I had to fire my shotgun in anger. Twice! That’s what I get for hanging around with a bunch of marines. Our tactically brilliant marines all decided to go student body left so it was up to me and Nair to go right. I shot one then Niar went for the second one but did not finish him. So I had to shoot the second one two. Yuck. Anyway, learned a few things about using sensors inside a space station that might come in handy later. Maybe I’ll eventually need to learn some computer programming stuff later though because a lot of what I did was only possible with the help of our computer programmers. Something to think about . In the mean time I will continue to focus on my sensor skills because they keep being useful.
Learned some interesting stuff from the officer we captured. Need to get the intelligence back to the Imperium. Problem is that someone appears to be blocking the information. Solution is to send the information to several folks who are in a position to act upon it. Need to talk this over with the rest of the group to see who we should relay the information to.
Next step is to get out of here before the Trexalon reinforcements get here. Send out the data, find Sam.



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