The Hunt

Jim's diary #8

Jim’s Diary
Another fire fight! Damn I knew this was going to happen with all the killers assigned to this mission. At least this one only lasted one exchange of fire and no one got killed. Those murdering bastards killed Ryan though. It would be nice to take all of those pirates prisoner but we are not equipped to do so. I’m glad though that I was able to stop the fight before things got out of control. We could get into yet another fight while we try to rescue Sam and we need to keep the ship in top repair for that. I hate all this fighting. Oh well I should have expected it when they recruited me to be a spook. Sent messages about the conspiracy as wide and far as we could think of. Hopefully the messages will bypass the bad guys. Could get in trouble for bypassing the chain of command but events have shown that the chain is compromised so we’ll do what we had to. If it was up to me I would make sure every citizen in the Imperium knew about it because that would force action. Now we need to figure out which star system we should jump to if we want to catch Sam’s kidnappers. On the way I will continue to polish my sensor skills



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