The Hunt

Otto's Not to self

Well that was an exciting little action. The plan was successful and executed nearly flawlessly with a couple of exceptions…2 wounded. Note to self. "Remember to watch your six. Damn Bastard shot me in the back from below. Well that won’t happen twice. It was nice to be back in action again. Sure beats sitting in retirement. Might not have retired to begin with if they hadn’t put me behind a desk. Oh well. We have more information on Sam and have some evidence of a traitor in the Imperium. I’ve been down that road before. Time to kick butt. But first I need to get Edward up to speed on BattleDress for the next action. He’s coming along nicely and seems to accept…or tolerate the training techniques I’ve been picking up from Steven. Edward is getting into pretty good shape clomping around the ship running drills in his battle dress gear for 4 hours at a wack.



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