The Hunt


Well, wasn’t that an adrenaline shot? After being brought in as a retread, I thought my role on this mission would be a bit more limited than it has been. We have a great crew who seem to really know their stuff.

But I do feel somewhat useful, at least. BSed our way into some info about the lost pilots. I made some necessary (and exhausting) repairs on our vessel. This being caused by what I saw as a danger and nuisance to ALL (heh, heh) which had to be destroyed. And now I actually feel a bit like a space cowboy for at least ONE day. Just call me CK for Confirmed Kill. Not bad for an admin desk jockey turned space station “house sitter” who sat for years wondering why he took that left turn at Albuquerque.

So hopefully we are a huge step closer to finding these lost folks, completing our mission without too much other excitement. Yeah, just keep thinking that, Brian. Oh well, at least I’m getting in shape while we’re going through jump. Need to get rid of this pony keg. Just hope I can hold my own and contribute what I need to our mission.



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