James Jacobson


1. Date of Preparation Jan 2012
2. Name  James Jacobson
3. UPP 838B64 AP:11
4. Noble Title None
5. Military Rank Scout
6. Birthdate 1069
7. Age Modifiers
8. Birth world Mora/Mora
Personal service data produced from
historical and personal records.
9. Service Scouts
10. Branch Exploration 4 terms Survey 1 term
11. Discharge world Iserati/Five Sisters
12. Terms Served 5
13. Final Rank Scout
14a. Retired? No
14b. Retirement Pay
15. Special Assignments Contact School, Intelligence School
16. Awards and Decorations (include Combat Command Credits, Commendations, Medals, etc)
17. Equipment Qualified On Grav Vehicle Pilot Vac Suit Survey Equipment and Sensors Laser Rifle
18a. Primary Skill Liaison 3 Survey 2 Pilot 1 Sensors 2
18b. Secondary Skill * Perception 2 Equestrian 1 Grav Vehicle 1 Surveil 1 Vac Suit 1 Recon 1 Streetwise 1 engineering 1 Electronics 1 Navigations 1*
18c. Additional Skills Rifle 1 Jack of All Trade 1 Forgery 1
19a. Preferred Weapon Laser Rifle
19b. Preferred Pistol
19c. Preferred Blade
20. TAS Member? No
Warning: Information regarding an individual’s psionic ability is
confidential, and may not be released without his or her consent.
21. Date of Test
22. PSR
23a. Trained?
o Yes o No
23b. Date Completed
24. Talents and Current Levels T*elepathy 9*
25. Name
Data concerning the individual’s financial
affairs and cash availablility
26. Cash Status (note cash available to individual)
Information on personal inventory and
possessions, including vehicles.
27. Personal Possessions
Vacc Suit
Laser Rifle
75,000 CR
28. Vehicles
S class Scout ship ‘Aimless Wandering’ ( on loan from scouts) 100 ton Hull, Jump Drive A, Maneuver Drive A, Power Drive A, Jump 2 2G acceleration, 40 ton fuel tank good for on 2-jump. Computer Model 1bis , 1 air/raft, Cargo 3 tons, Hull Streamlined,


Big Jim Jacobson grew up in the slums of a high tech paradise. He grew up never needing to worry about food, shelter or health care. The problem was that he lived in a place where no one gave a shit. Jim is a big slow moving guy. That made him a target. He was too slow to defend himself from bullies and big enough that tough guys could enhance their reputations by beating him up. Eventually he got tired of being beat up and ridiculed and decided he needed to get out of the slums. By then it was nearly too late. The citizens of the area did not require that their children grow up to be educated because they knew that all would be provided by the state. Jim did not bother with school until he was in his teens. He tried to catch up so he could go to college but he was too far behind and failed his University entry exams. There were very few civilian jobs to be had because his high tech paradise could provide a high level of comfort to its citizens without the citizens doing much actual work. He decided his best chance lay in joining some branch of the military. His experience with bullies made him leery the Army or the Marines and he did not have the education or social status to get into the Navy or a Merchant company. He thought he would enjoy working in small teams with the scouts so he enlisted there.
Jim will never be a great combat pilot. He is too slow but the scouts don’t need combat pilots they just need folks willing to pilot their ships on long lonely missions to the middle of nowhere. He did fine. He was assigned to the exploration wing of the scouts for his first two terms of duty. The highlight of Jim’s first term was his assignment to contact school. In his second term he put that training to use on two separate contact missions to low tech worlds. It was on his second mission that Jim learned to ride horses, a hobby he indulges in whenever he is on a world where it is possible. His third term was with Survey the highlight of that term came in the first year where he went back to the world where he had just made contact to confirm the presence of strategically important mineral deposits. In his fourth term he made contact with another primitive civilization. The fifth term was uneventful except that he was assigned to Intelligence School in the year before he went on Detached Duty. He wonders what the class means in terms of his future assignments.

James Jacobson

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