Niar Giramashdum

A tall, skinny Vilani with dark hair and no beard. Dark eyes. Olive skin.


1. Date of Preparation Jan 2011
2. Name Niar Giramashdum
3. UPP B758DC AP:12
4. Noble Title Baron
5. Military Rank Lieutenant
6. Birthdate 1061
7. Age Modifiers
8. Birth world Regina Regina
Personal service data produced from
historical and personal records.
9. Service Imperial Navy
10. Branch Flight
11. Discharge world Iderati Five Sisters
12. Terms Served 6
13. Final Rank Lieutenant
14a. Retired? Yes
14b. Retirement Pay 6000
15. Special Assignments Command College, Flag Officer’s Aid, Recruiting Duty
16. Awards and Decorations (include Combat Command Credits, Commendations, Medals, etc)
Command Service Ribbon 1 Silver 3 Bronze Clusters, Combat Service Ribbon 2 bronze clusters, MCG, and MCUF Bronze Cluster.
17. Equipment Qualified Automatic Pistol, Shotgun, Blade, Demolitions, Ship’s Boat
18a. Primary Skill Automatic Pistol 2, Shot Gun 2, Demolitions 2, Recruiting 2 Ship’s Boat 3
18b. Secondary Skill Blade 2, Jack of All Trades, Bribery, Forgery, Interrogation, Streetwise
18c. Additional Skills Ships Tactics, Navigation, Pilot, Carousing-2
19a. Preferred Weapon Automatic Pistol
19b. Preferred Pistol Automatic Pistol
19c. Preferred Blade Blade
20. TAS Member? No

Data concerning the individual’s financial
affairs and cash availablility
26. Cash Status (note cash available to individual)
Information on personal inventory and
possessions, including vehicles.
27. Personal Possessions
28. Vehicles


I was born on Regina in 1061. A planet named for queens! I went to University on my home planet and joined NROTC in an effort to get a quick 100Cr a month. Boy was that stupid. That Fourth Frontier war popped up when I thought I was going to have a lazy one-weekend-a-month stint.

I wound up on Frenzie/Vilis for flight school. I was going to be a close air support combat pilot. You’ve seen us in all the movies: cool, confident, flipping switches to blow the Zhos to hell and back. Well, it actually turned out exactly like that.

I was with the unit that conquered Margesi/Vilis in the Fourth Frontier War. I spent 3 years garrisoning the newly conquered world. While most people suffer the Margesi Hives on arrival, I contracted a rare version that appears every summer on about day 160. Treatable with medicine, it does make me too sick to operate for a few days. Think of it as a mild case of malaria. My parents bugged me about heading to a higher tech world to get the disease treated, but it’s never really been that bad.

Margesi wasn’t too bad of a place to get that wetness off my ears. I decided there that I could make a career out of the Imperial Navy. That said, when you sign up for life, they give you a nice new shiny job: I was in command of a section of ship’s boats on the frigate Mora in Phlume/Vilis. We were attacked by pirates from Tionale and I was injured during a missile attack. Several missiles hit the Mora and I didn’t make it to my fighter. Nor did my good friend Rean Sevillianial, whose flight suit face plate was punched in by a moving girder.

I spent a year recovering, just staff on shore duty on Frenzie/Villis. That’s a vacuum world, and so it ended up driving me stir-crazy.

P.S. I stayed in until a few weeks ago, when I was forced to retire at age 45. I did 6 terms. The parents were always proud of their Niar.

Niar Giramashdum

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