Otto Huber


1. Date of Preparation Jan 2011
2. Name *Otto Huber*
3. UPP 8789AB AP:15
4. Noble Title Lord
5. Military Rank Major
6. Birthdate 1068
7. Age Modifiers
8. Birth world Lanth/Lanth
Personal service data produced from
historical and personal records.
9. Service Imperial Marines
10. Branch Commando
11. Discharge world Iderati/Five Sisters
12. Terms Served 5
13. Final Rank 04 Major
14a. Retired? Yes
14b. Retirement Pay 4000
15. Special Assignments Commando School-2 OCS OCS officer
16. Awards and Decorations (include Combat Command Credits, Commendations, Medals, etc)
MCUF with Bronze Cluster Purple Heart
17. Equipment Qualified On Assault Rifle Cutlass Vacc Suit PGMP13
18a. Primary Skill Cutlass-3 Assault Rifle-2 PGMP13-2 Recon-2 Zero G-2
18b. Secondary Skill Tactics-2 Leadership-2 Instruction-2 Wilderness Survival-2 Perception-1
18c. Additional Skills Brawling-1 Revoler-1 VacC Suit-1 Mechanical-1 Computer-1 Electronics-1 JackOfAllTrades-1 Carousing-1 Persuade-1
19a. Preferred Weapon Assault Rifle
19b. Preferred Pistol Revoler
19c. Preferred Blade Cutlass
20. TAS Member? Yes

Data concerning the individual’s financial
affairs and cash availablility
26. Cash Status (note cash available to individual) 50,000
Information on personal inventory and
possessions, including vehicles.
27. Personal Possessions
Low Passage and High passage
28. Vehicles


Otto  Huber    during  his  1st  4  years  of   service.    Working  in  Staff  he  was  finally  promoted  towards  the  end  of  his  second  year  to  Lance  corporal.     Someone  at  staff  must  have  seen  something  in  him  however,  because  they  sent  him  to  Protected  Forces   training  where  he  became  proficient  in  the  Vacc-­‐Suit  and  Zero-­‐g  Combat.    He  finally  found  his  niche  in a  standout  but  managed  to  pick  up  some  skill  in  Wilderness  survival  and  Recon.    As  a  prerequisite  to  his   commando  training  he  was  require  to  serve  a  2nd  4-­‐year  hitch.    Being  a  Commando  definitely  put  a  little   spring  into  his  step  because  he  started  to  shine.    He  was  promoted  each  year  spending  a  year  at  Staff   before  being  sent  to  Command  to  work  with  Internal  Security.    In  an  incident  in  which  he  barely  survived   he  was  schooled  in  Tactics,  the  hard  way.    As  a  result  he  was  promoted  to  Sargent  and  led  a  raid  on  a   terrorist  organization  where  he  received  his  first  MCUF  and  acquired  some  skill  in  Heavy  Weaponry.     After  that  he  got  some  downtime  training  in  Medical  where  he  received  his  4th  promotion  in  4  years  and   was  now  known  a  Gunny  Huber.    He  decided  on  one  more  hitch  in  the  Commandos  received  some   additional  training  in  Heavy  weapons  and  barely  survived  a  training  incident  where  the  computer  lab  he   was  testing  in  was  sabotaged,  that  led  to  some  training  in  Counter  Insurgency  and  some  additional   mechanical  training.    He  had  just  about  had  enough  of  the  Marines  and  was  ready  to  end  his  career   when  he  was  offered  a  chance  to  go  to  Officers  Candidate  School.    Since  being  an  Office  was  a  lifelong   goal  he  signed  the  re-­‐enlistment  papers  for  a  double  hitch  of  8  years  (the  requirement  to  attend  OCS).     This  time  he  was  sent  back  to  Command  where  he  continued  his  Counter  Insurgency  work  that  began  3   years  back  at  Staff.    His  hard  work  was  finally  paying  off.    He  decided  to  see  it  through  with  some   additional  commando  training  for  an  upcoming  operation.    This  time  through  he  excelled  in  training.    To   prepare  for  the  upcoming  operation,  he  went  through  a  year  of  intense  physical  training.    Finally  the   payoff,  promoted  to  Captain,  he  was  responsible  for  the  tactics  used  in  a  large  raid  on  the  terrorist organization  responsible  for  the  assault  at  the  training  facility  he  was  stationed  at  during  his  third  hitch,   breaking  its  back  and  in  the  process  earning  his  second  MCUF.    He  received  a  little  more  training  but  his   career  had  been  winding  down  after  the  terrorist  raid  and  he  ended  his  career  at  Staff  as  a  Marine  Force   Commander  at  the  old  age  of  38.    His  $4000CR  retirement  along  with  his  $50,000CR  of  investments,    a   membership  to  the  Travelers  Aid  Society,  a  couple  of  low  passages  and  1  high  passage  for  that  special   trip,  allows  him  to  travel  easily  around  the  sector  enjoying  his  retirement  until  something  else  exciting   comes  along.

Otto Huber

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