Stephen Knox

Sergeant Major Team Leader


UPP 6779A3, Marines, five terms. Enlisted in Marine Infantry. (10-13) SpecialAssignments: Commando School, instructor at Commando School, Protected Forces Training, constructor at Protected Forces Training. Awards and Decorations: Three combat service ribbons, two MCUF’s, one purple heart.
Equipment Qualified On: Accelerator Rifle, ACR, Demolitions, Ship’s Boat, Vacc
Suit, VRF Gauss Gun.
Morale: 11. Skills: Battle Suit 1 CombatRifleman-2, Communications 1 Computer 1 Electronics 1 Forward Observer-I, Instruction-3, Leader-I, Mechanical-I, Ship’s Boat-1, Survival-I, Vacc Suit-I, VRF Gauss Gun-I , Zero-G Combat-2, Zero-G Weapons-1, Tactics 2, Perception 2


Stephen Knox

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