The Hunt

Jim's diary 7

Jim’s Diary
Well shit. I had to fire my shotgun in anger. Twice! That’s what I get for hanging around with a bunch of marines. Our tactically brilliant marines all decided to go student body left so it was up to me and Nair to go right. I shot one then Niar went for the second one but did not finish him. So I had to shoot the second one two. Yuck. Anyway, learned a few things about using sensors inside a space station that might come in handy later. Maybe I’ll eventually need to learn some computer programming stuff later though because a lot of what I did was only possible with the help of our computer programmers. Something to think about . In the mean time I will continue to focus on my sensor skills because they keep being useful.
Learned some interesting stuff from the officer we captured. Need to get the intelligence back to the Imperium. Problem is that someone appears to be blocking the information. Solution is to send the information to several folks who are in a position to act upon it. Need to talk this over with the rest of the group to see who we should relay the information to.
Next step is to get out of here before the Trexalon reinforcements get here. Send out the data, find Sam.

10 Questions for Trexalon's Finest

We ran an assault on the Gunnery Control area— three floors of Zephyr people doing their thing under threat from a squad of Trexalon infantry. We used a secret one-man elevator to get our marines in position and we used the normal military-only elevator. After our flawless high-speed assault involving lots of aimed shotgun fire, we were pinned down in Gunnery Control as the Trexalons organized a counterattack – but Davos countered the counterattack and we were relieved. We asked Davos to interrogate some Trexalon leaders and came up with this list of questions. We got to talk to Lt Colonel Cedric, in charge of the Zephyr Detachment of Trexalons.


  1. Who is the Trexalon contact with the Imperium? It’s a female, as far as I know, it’s a woman. Don’t know the name. She’s from somewhere in the Five Sisters.
  2. Give the extent of the Trexalon expansion plan, and what worlds are currently Trexalon-controlled The plan is to take over all of 268 and the Five Sisters, and that they currently control a lot of worlds Rimward of Ochecate. Bypassed the Collace control of the Main.
  3. How many class A & B starports are in Trexalon hands? 1 Secret A on Trexalon, 5 controlled Bs, and 2 planned Bs
  4. How many military training facilities are there, and what types? He fluctuated. He knows of four but didn’t give specific information about their types
  5. What is the Zephyr reinforcement plan— when and how many? They are passing the Little Piggy Squadrons through here one per month. The first Little Piggy Squadron has already come through. Trexalon will send 2 more through, then a permanent garrison of a division to control Zephyr
  6. How many starships over 10000 tons do they have? He guesstimated about 20 into military use. Most of those are troop transports.
  7. What is the treaty relationship with the Sword Worlds and the Meweys? We’re super-tight! We’re gonna join up with the Sword Worlds to make a joint attack from 875-496 and from Narsil together and blow the Imperial Fleet at Iderati to cut off the Five Sisters completely. Oops! I let the plan out! [Note: Narsil is jump 6 from Iderati, so another location coreward/trailing might be the right IP for this attack).
  8. What’s the approximate fighting strength of the military in Men and Meweys? Ummm 5 corps of Men and 1 corp of Mewey under training but they suck. They are raiding the Mewey prisons to get aggressive Meweys— the rest of the population is wimpy. Total 6 Corps, maybe enough to take Iderati!
  9. What’s the political reason for your alignment against the Imperium? The Imperium Sucks! They keep trying to impose their domain on us— we’ve been free for hundreds of years, why do we wanna be friends with them? There are bigger people to be friends with— like the Sword Worlds and all those people.
  10. Please spill the chain of command from you up to the big boss! 1st squadron, to Spinward [Command], to Division, to Naval Command, then to the Joint Military Command, then to the head of Trexalon.

We were in the room for the interrogation.

Niar's log from the Zephyr Incident

[Note Tony’s post in the Forum topic about skill advancement concerns this interrogation]

More to training base answer— 3 is the normal number and the 4th base is secret, or there is a 5th base that he was able to conceal. Question another Trexalon, a lieutenant… Get Davos to do this while we are on the way to 100 std diameters to pursue Sam. Same questions to cross-correlate w/Cedric.

Sam probably knows the who this Trexalon spy is. Info would get stopped before acted upon. “Thank you for the information Samantha, blam blam you’re dead.” Must link up with Sam, get info, and shut down Trexalon spy.

Adventures in Zephyr!

We jumped in at 1700 and passed a 10kt Trexalon spaceliner that was jumping out. It was tech 12-13. We got out of the way. We were met by a flight of non-Trexalon fighters that demanded we identify ourselves and state our business. The fighters had Zephyr markings.

We told them our business was “Survey!”
The fighters told us “We’re gonna hold you here for a bit and then a space tug will take you over to high port” We wanted to refuel at the gas giant but the fighter crew said “that’s restricted.”

Eventually a tug boat came out. “This is Hitchens Tug 3, Don’t worry about things, Captain, I don’t bite” We flew through a debris field through which we swept our sensors— the remains of 150 fighters destroyed maybe 2 weeks ago. We saw that the majority of the destroyed fighters were Zephyr fighters but other fighters were unintelligible to us. We tried to access the news feeds to figure out who fought whom, but we only got light entertainment. The local sports newscaster was nervous but he didn’t mention any news of the battle. We sort of got a news blackout.

We heard chatter between the tug boat and the fighters and the Capital One control guys. The tugboat guy was not treated well by the Zephyr fighters. Everybody was tight-lipped.

We got close enough to the space station to sweep it.

Top to bottom:
It is a class B starport. It has repair bays and can build non-jump boats.
Docked at the repair bay is a 10,000 ton ship. It’s from Trexalon.
There are many transports flying stuff around
The next level down is a place for warehouses and the star city area described on the Library Data
The next level down is the area for locals. We are being taken to a local berth on an outside ring. We will be met by a jetway-like
The next level down is a wheel with hundreds of weapons bays (the defense ring)
The next level down is a main control area with attitude control
The next level down has a big dome with a shopping mall and living facility. The dome faces Zephyr.

There are no other interstellar ships other than the 10kt ship (from Trexalon).

Big Jim told Niar that he thinks we should suggest we are going to Allemagne and get out of dodge as soon as possible. We need to send a marine on a commercial cruiser. We searched for ourselves and didn’t find any current information – we are moving faster than the news is flowing in the area of the Tarsus Main.

As we get closer to the space station, we notice a very few blast marks and only one weapons bay is tracking us— we expected more bays to track us. There are too few blast marks for the number of destroyed fighters.

We suggested that we could provide help for the pirate attack. The tugboat pilot said they didn’t need any help but invited us to a charity party for recently-orphaned pilots’ kids. The address of the bar is the Ship’s Boat (a theme bar). We can be fueled overnight and through the day to 1600 hours.

The party was a ruse; the fighter pilots and some ship’s boats crews tried to keep the Trexalon ship’s captain in the bar during a fake grav plate failure while Davos rescued his dad and sister, who are higher-ups in the Zephyr council (Andrii). They told us the story:

The Trexalons negotiated many times for a treaty with an assisting Imperial Agent negotiating with them to make the treaties seem legitimate. The Andriis told them to go away and then eventually a few ships came in that the Trexalons declared enemies and we were forced to fight the ships. The Trexalon bad guys had troops in a converted liner and they infiltrated Capital One (one was a small Imperial Scoutship that needed 2 months of medical aid and repair work on the ship, she left on week 23. .. the other one was a bigger ship that looks like ours and he was looking for the other woman “He was looking for Sam, Right?” He left the week before the Trexalon ships showed. )

The three Andriis seemed off-put to talk to us so we put a lot of cards on the table. They eventually told us that the Imperial treaty negotiator was probably some kind of spy / turncoat for the Trexalon and that they got no matching/corroborating recordings or memory of the woman despite several visits (different names every time!!!) Sam was going to Allegmange in her Jump-2 ship. Ryan followed her and was going to jump ahead of her to Marseilles. Davos said Sam thought that the Imperial Negotiator is really a spy in the Imperial Navy high command for this and so Sam was avoiding Iderati and going to Raweh instead (to communicate with the fleet commander there). We guessed that 875-496’s space base information never getting to Iderati or Karin was due to someone intercepting the message.

Davos said our ship is guarded by the single functioning crewed weapon aboard the Capital One and we will get shot to smithereens if we try to leave. Davos is going to rescue the prisoners after the 10kt troop transport leaves the Capital One with a Trexalon skeleton crew. Davos’ small team will overpower the skeleton crew’s guards to rescue the remaining hostages. This will allow the station crew to act and complete the overthrow of the Trexalon force— they are not acting now because their families are hostage now. The Trexalon ship will leaving tomorrow afternoon at 1400. We will be able to leave when our ship is refueled at 1600.

Davos said “My current way of thinking is that I will lead a bunch of people up through some secret passages to rescue to the prisoners. My fighter friends will attack the bridge. You guys can attack the gun station and take it out. We might be able to take and hold the main control center. Davos’ guys will help them if they can.”

Jim's diary #6

Well so much for not getting into combat. I had hopes. But the only way we are getting off of this station is by helping take it over. I guess when the time comes I’ll stay with the ship and man the sensors. I’m guessing Edward should probably stay as well since he only seems to know how to fight with ships guns and swords. Hopefully we will not need to use the ships guns but if things go wrong and we have a gunnary battle a few well placed shots from the ship could come in handy. After that, should we survive, I guess it’s back to the five sisters with our news. We will need to be very careful about how we deliver the news since it seems like there is a comperacy between someone of power in the empire and the Traxalons. Probably someone within the scouts.

Jim's Diary #5

Jim’s Diary
So whatever is at 975-472 is a big deal. Mines, a small ship, and now, soon three bigger ships. Also evidence that the Trexelon and those viking guys are working together against the imperium. Probably should have jumped to Tondoul rather than Zepher but it’s too late now Once we get to Zepher we need to refuel at the gas giant before we do anything else. Once refueled we can make a jump to Tonduel if needed. Need to watch out for ships from 975-472. They may guess our destination.
If we are so lucky that we are able to fully refuel before anyone tries to kill us we can try to rescue Sam and Ryan. I’m worried we may not get the chance. Enroute I am practicing my sensor skills since that seems to be my main contribution to the mission.

Trexalon "Empire?"

Someone showed the Trexalon Space Lines how to make a battlerider.

Jumped to 975-452’s gas giant. Suprise: lost sensors due to meson beam strike. Found immediately gas giant ringed with minefield of meson guns wrapped around asteroids. Lost tracking/search/survey sensors. Brian Bigcrane began emergency repairs from spares in cargo hold.

Flew Sam Axe to refuel. Slaved sensors to Michael Weston, checked surrounding space. Refueled while sensors under repair. Single asteroid was coming from the mine field to refuel. Probable same as shot us. Boarded mine (Otto, Me, John). Entered bridge/cargo/stateroom area. Found control password under keyboard. Downloaded data/sent mine into gas giant. While leaving asteroid, a Gazelle blipped up on the MW’s repaired sensors. Unknown concurrent loiter time. Unable to complete refuel of MW jump tanks leaving range Jump 2. Docked Sam Axe. Went silent for intercepts.

Intercepted comms Gazelle to P6. Traffic indicated:

  1. Gazelle crew saw Sam— she jumped to Zephyr
  2. Gazelle crew saw Ryan too.
  3. Gazelle waiting to rendezvous with single “Little Piggy”. Total 3 LPs to replace Gazelle and P6 hostiles//unknown time.

MW waited at 100D point until detected by Gazelle or the LP arrived. Gazelle and LP met//far side gas giant. MW waited and got sensor match. LP 80-90% is Trexalon or sister ship converted to battle tender. 3 battle riders unlatched:

  1. 2k BR / survey sensors
  2. 800t BR mercenary cruise / no jump drive
  3. 10k BR, particle accelerator spinal mount + bays

Jumped to Zephyr. Might find Sam. Consider probable that Trexalon conversions and Trexalon build-up in area is probable news from Sam/Ryan. Consider chartering ship to take news to Iderati with one or more team members.

Jim's Diary #4

Jim’s Diary
Ryan did stop at Ochecate. Don’t know a whole lot more about it than that. It’s obvious that the Mewy and the Trexelon are working together. The Trexelon are pushing the Mewy in a very bad direction. Need to report this as soon as we can.
It’s nice that we saved some little sisters from whatever the Mewy had planned for them. Maybe this will make the Aslan like the Imperium more and the Mewy and Trexelon a little less. Looks to me like the Imperium will need to deal with the Trexelon soon before they get too powerful.
Any way we got out of Ochecate ASAP. No desire to get more mixed up in local politics then we needed to.
On the way I practiced piloting more. Now I only suck a little bit. Anyway I’m done with improving my piloting. It’s a waste of time I probably never should have started. From now on I am going to focus on improving my strengths.

156/1106 975-452 At Last

Besides Niar experiencing a bout with Margesi Hivers B and the other members of the crew continuing their training trip the latest jump was uneventful. After 3 jumps and two months of travelling the Michael Westen jumps into 975-452 to complete its mission.


Once in system the Westen survey room was swept by a blinding flash. All hands immediately went on red alert. The Captain announced they where blind as all sensors were out. The gunner commened the bridge to explain they had taken a hit from a meson explosion. Niar taking the pilot’s station so Captain Jim could operate the sensors suggested a play back of the sensor data. Fortunately there was enough data to confirm Edward’s suggestion they were hit by a meson, but apparently from an astroid mine not a ship.

Regardless of what happen the Captain ordered Niar to open the engines up and burn to the Gas Giant.

  • Will the sensors be repaired?
  • What is going on here that there is a mine field guarding the only approach to the gas giant?
  • Where is Samantha and Ryan are they even still alive?
  • How will the crew of the Michael Westen make it out the system to tell the tale?

Stay tuned to find out!!!!!

Under the Dome

Picture 1

As you each leave the Aslan fuel tender’s office your Mewey interface on your communits stalls and buzzes as it is automatically corrected it delays things (yes we had a communication breakdown) giving you time to look around at the surroundings. You stand on a broad avenue leading to the center of the dome. Speaking of the dome, you notice its top is clear, allowing the light of Ochechate day to beam in, the supporting beams creating dim artistic shadows.

Those same beams sprout from building running along the edge of the dome acting the buttressing the 2km 250m tall structure. Where you are the buildings some to be warehouses and storage and industrial park of the downport (star port on the world).

Besides the buildings the area is full of the noise of heavy lifting and grav transports on the avenue moving materials around. Even for a small city its very cosmicpolitan. Humans dressed in out of date Imperuim cloths can be seen going and coming from businesses. The Mewey find lose fitting cloths and bags suitable for them. The Aslans are white furred wear form fitting cloths showing their feline like muscular body to ensure perfect movement. Look was that an elvish Darian nah couldn’t be.
All the people are a gaggle talking of trade and businesses walking with a purpose.

From here you go straight into the Administrative area of Park Plaza. Here centered around a natural park are a series of official looking buildings. Further on your now working Mewey interface with mapping program tells you is the tourist and market zone. Across some of the taller buildings of this district are the wall spanning signs highlighting a linty of business. An understated one stands out as it faces directly at the Downport entrance to all to read “Ricardo’s Roll Cafe” Here your sure to find accommodations for the night as well as other needed things. To the left an ever increasing set of streets and elevators, escalators stairs and a rare grav lift of Mewey’s community. To the right wide streets and tall buildings with winding ramps of the Aslan’s community.


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