• Francisca “Fran” Bale: A short, dark-skinned, curvy, no-nonsense lady, Fran has the confidence of an administrative leader. She always seems irritated and distracted as she talks with people. There is defiantly something something big on her mind.
  • Samantha Shilli: Friends with many, Samantha is a slim, happy-go-lucky lady who seems to have not a care in the world. She dresses young for her age and defies authority whenever it seems like fun. She is always handy with a story of her adventures, especially since she is the second most knowledgeable scout of the near Trojan Reaches— behind Jim Jacobson.
  • Ryan Deelane: The bookish assistant to Fran. His distinctive broken hawk nose is not often seen in the field.

Security Team Made up of four Marine commando sergeants. The leader is Sgt. Major Stephen Knox, with Lead Sergent Kurk Matson, as Medic and Driver, John Aryan infiltrator, Lance Sergeant Edward King, Sniper. The team was put together for this mission, so they are still working out their quirks and team issues. John and the Sgt. Major get a long the best as the Sgt. Major’s old MOS was also sniper. They spend the days swapping stories. Meanwhile Edward and Kurk fight over Kurk’s Viliani background.

Current relationship status between the team members.

Edward John Kurk Stephen
Edward X Non-Committal Hostile Intrigued
John Interested X Non-Committal Non-Committal
Kurk Non-Committal Hostile X Unreceptive
Stephen Intrigued Interested Interested X

Read this table: the person on the horizontal axis (verbs) the person on the vertical axis.
John is non-committal to Stephen.


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