In 1106, there are rumblings of another war brewing between the two great empires of the day: the 3rd Imperium and Zhodani. While this matters to the border worlds, tens of light years away towards the galactic core waiting for the violence and bloodshed, for those in the sleepy Five Sisters subsector it is simply a matter of wondering when the navies will clash.

In the meantime, a lone scout, Samantha Shilli, has gone missing somewhere between the Five Sisters and District 268 rimward. With her disappearance, scout and naval intelligence of the 208 fleet HQ on Iderati ordered the recall of many specialists, and sent Ryan Deelane and a small crew to find and if need be rescue Shilli and return her to the scout/navel base on Iderati. Mysteriously, Deelane also failed to report. You are the first and brightest of the recalled specialists to arrive on Iderati: the task of solving the mystery of the missing scouts falls to you.

The Hunt

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