The Hunt

The Cobalt Issue

In the Droyne University still

We went to another classroom. We discovered that the pre-Droyne professors figured out that Vanishing Elements and Jumpspace seem to be blending together in that very strong telepaths are affected by being in Jumpspace— they get headaches.

We fought two ZX-280 Zhodani warbots and a couple of bad guys (looked like mercs) and also found a part of the university that showed that the pre-Droyne professors found another area like this on Candory. We blew up the warbots and killed the mercs.

We found a Droyne bathroom with some faint moaning coming from behind a partition. We saw a Human male moaning, an Aslan male with a patch from the Farstrider. The human is Kurk Matson. He passed out “she was just here, Samantha, they just took her” Ronald patched up Kurk but said Kurk’s wounds are too severe to move him. Niar stayed behind with Kurk.

We scouted the area and found Tor’s and just a moment later, Hilda’s room. Many items on the walls were quickly torn off, with a

blue arrow going from the five sisters to district 268 spinward to rimward, and then out to Mora/Mora. There is a circle drawn covering several parsecs “locate supply base somewhere here” It shows Zhodani troop movement . There is another arrow on the other side of the Sword Worlds, much smaller, that says “Diversionary attack here.” The entire map is called “Operation Traveller.” The map also has Andor/Candory marked as “must capture”

Looking around the lab, Edward noticed through the video cameras tracking 10s of thousands of jump fuel to do a jump one. We also know the pre-Droyne people had different tech levels.

Otto rigged a stretcher for Kurk— we went up.

We encountered Hilda and Tor at the top of the stairs. There was a big room with a large science apparatus and two computer consoles with a technician each. There was a giant set of three globes on the south and the whole area was open to the sky. The apparatus was large enough to stand in. Samantha was there.

Hilda shot Tor in the face and then the apparatus activated. There was the sound of a jump engine firing up. A golden globe spread out and Hilda & Samantha disappeared.

Jim tried to use the sensors but was stuck in the toilet at the time.

We called for a rescue from another pinnace and had Jim take really good pictures of this complex.

In Jumpspace to Candory

Niar started recovering
Jim started computers
Otto continued working on Intelligence
Brian continued working on strength
Edward continued working on computer

At Candory

An Imperial SDB came out to meet us. They got our IFF and they agreed to help us. We asked for high-resolution photographs of the planet surface to compare our complex pictures. Jim when through them.

Jim also went through life detection for humans versus Droyne on Candory. At the same relative spacial coordinates as the pre-Droyne base, we found an asteroid with a huge crater with ice/water . In the center of the crater there was a mountain. Jim searched for the complex duplicate on the asteroid and found it. There was no life on the asteroid.

We asked the SDB if anyone jumped out of the system in the last 24 hours. The last ship to jump out that we didn’t get was a long-term Scout class— larger than the Donosev. This ship left almost a week ago. It was registered to Hilda. She told them she was doing some work, and then she left— the SDB said she was going to Karin.

Roland said she’s breaking many laws. We have a lot of evidence— the Zho warbots, Operation Traveller. We have video of the whole adventure, including her murder of Tor. We went down to the complex to check for evidence.

We found a newly-constructed place to land. There’s a hole blown into the wall, which allowed Hilda’s team to go right into the transport room. There is a lot of equipment laying around, like they just got the complex working. This was an Ancient base. It has instantaneous Jump-1 capability. It enhances teleportation and telepathy with the Jump bubble and you need both psionic skills.

We found a map of paired worlds that had Droyne colonies. They are scattered throughout known space, with the majority of the within the Imperium. One is in the Zhodani Consolate, and one is in the Aslan area. Only the Zhodani base has real coordinates. The others have huge ? over the map locations.

(All of this is on Cobalt Lockdown).

We found computer consoles and fuel tanks. Otto thinks that Tor sabotaged the fuel tanks to explode them so we couldn’t follow. The fuel tanks are intact at Candory.

We refueled and went to Karin.

In Jumpspace to Karin

Niar continued recovery
Jim continued computers
Otto continued working on Intelligence
Brian continued working on strength
Edward continued working on computer

We talked to Kurk. He made it to Karin. He made his appointment to talk to Hilda. He got in and got the crap beat out of him. The next thing he knew, he was in the shower on Andor, getting the crap beat out of him again. He is also now in the Cobalt Accord.

At Karin (Scout base, Imperial patrol ships)

Another SDB. Jim talked to the SDB crew. He gave the secret word. We declared that we need to talk to someone in charge. We recognized the guy— “Doctor Sully Essen” “We’re looking for Hilda. She’s committed crimes.” He said “She jumped in, gave me her retirement papers, and left. She took her Jump 3 ship and left.” “She left 3 days ago.”

We refueled and went to Iderati.

In Jumpspace to Iderati

Niar continued recovery
Jim continued computers
Otto finished Intelligence
Brian finished strength
Edward finished computer

Iderati, again

As we arrive, an alarm was going off throughout the system— a fast courier from the Marquis of Mertactor has recently arrived.

We hailed the courier. At the same time, Fran hailed us. Fran told us to get to the base to get to the base. She suggested we go to meet with the Marquis. The courier landed aerodynamically. We flew down in the cutter. Roland flashed all kinds of badges. We were going to the secure black globe room.

The entrance to the secure room was guarded by two of the Marquis’ Hussars.

We were in the room with Fran, the Admiral, the Marquis, and us. Fran and the Marquis asked what was going on. Roland looked at the Admiral, “this is a Cobalt issue” after which the Admiral dismissed Fran. Fran moped her way out. The Marquis and Admiral did NOT leave so they are also Cobalt Accord members.

Roland told the tale. We called the instantaneous jump teleporters “The Cobalt Issue” to be able to talk about this problem in front of Fran. The Marquis treated Otto with pure disdain.

After the briefing, we called Fran in. “Hilda’s not here; she’s gotten away. We can try to track Hilda down. She either went to Zhodani space or to the Sworld Worlds. We have to know what the Sword Worlders are up to so we have to send a force there. We also have to break up the Trexalons— and we have the Cobalt issue. If the bad guys are setting up a forward supply base, we need to find it.”

The Admiral, the Marquis, and Fran dismissed us. “We’ve at least got to reinforce the Drill sector,” said the Admiral. And the Marquis chimed in with “That explains Efate, too.”


Big Jim got the Michael Westin as booty. Everybody else got squat.

Otto wants Hilda pinned to the wall.
Niar stands in stunned silence.
Brian would have shot Hilda on sight.

The end… for now



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