The Hunt

The Tor and Hilda Story // Follow up to the Andor Cobalt Incident // Report to the Cobalt Accord

[The following after-action report was presented to the Cobolt Accord by Ronald Solon after the incident on Andor]

The Tor and Hilda Story

Follow up to the Andor Cobalt Incident

Report to the Cobalt Accord

Thirday Week 43 1106, by Ronald Solon


While there are still many mysteries surrounding the Andor Incident, I have managed to sort out one of the most unexpected incidents of the whole affair and draw some conclusions about Hilda’s state of mind. I have already shown you the relationship between Hilda and Tor was of a romantic nature (See the Report: Coded X-boat Messages). In light of this relationship, Hilda’s sudden killing of Tor was all the more brutal. This report seeks to explain Hilda’s action using eye-witness accounts of the Marine Lead Sergeant, Kurk Matson , a mercenary identified as Jos Illinch, and an engineer and jump specialist Liggu, all three have finally recovered from wounds received during the incident. The two prisoners’ reports were given to me while they were recovering in a secure hospital room. All times are only approximations and should only been seen as an ordering of events.

11:30 IST The INI team makes its orbital insertion making land fall on the Island of Eskayloyt at 11:47 IST:

The beginning of our investigation, according to the witnesses, was simultaneously the beginning of the chain of events leading to Tor’s murder. My original report to the C.A. Membership details our actions over the next 2-3 hours. The rest of this report follows the actions of Hilda’s forces.

Jos and Liggu confirmed the arrival of the pinnace altered the the force within the volcano. Hilda gave Liggu and Frank Kaven, the other engineer, the order to begin refueling the Teleport Drive. This activated the aqueducts and fuel processing equipment. Additionally, both Liggu and Jos heard Hilda yelling at Tor, “You idiot! You lead them right to us!”

13:23 IST The assault on the entrance:

Jos informed me that the combined orbital and ground assault on their front porch further inflamed Hilda’s anger. Realizing the base was no longer secure, she ordered all documents destroyed and everyone to prepare for evacuation. According to Liggu, she once again let her anger out on Tor. “Make yourself useful! Get you and and your security team to meet me in the physics labs storage area now!”

3:40 IST Psionic Storage

Jos, one of the members of the security team, recounted the shock of Hilda’s total betrayal to the Imperium:

Once everyone was assembled with weapons and armor, she [Hilda] ordered us to unpack two large crates. The security team was shocked to see two ZW 280’s. Tor expressed all of the team’s shock. “Hilda, where did you get these and why do you have them?” Hilda replied with, “What? You think all of this has been just another get rich scam? Typical of an Imperium inbreed, money is all you think about! I’ll have you know there are greater things out there! This is about a quantum leap in Zhodani teleportation abilities, you fool! Now stop those Imps and get those prisoners to the pad.”

Jos explained Tor’s plans:

He split us into Fire team Alpha and Fire team Beta, each made up of 2 men and one ZW 280. Alpha was assigned to getting the bots in place and leading the first charge. Beta was to retrieve the prisoners and follow up Alpha’s attack.

Jos was assigned to Beta team.

14:07 IST The Prisoners

Jos continued the story:

Tor took the Beta team to recover the prisoners. Once there, the three jumped us.

Interviews with Kurt informed me that he and his fellow prisoners had heard the explosion outside the volcano and knew it was then or never to get away. So they made preparations but were surprised by Beta and a scuffle occurred.

Jos added his side:

Tor wrestled with Samantha, Keven the other member of Beta pistol-whipped some already-injured marine several times and I was forced to shoot the Aslan Far Strider crew member.

14:14 IST Defeat at the ramp

Jos continued:

With Samantha in tow, we worked our way back to the pad. Hilda again let out her anger at Tor for not bringing all the prisoners. By this time she was shouting that she wished we were all Zhodani troops not some Imp merc low-life scum. Beta moved back to the ramp; unfortunately, by the time we got there Alpha team and our Beta team’s bot were destroyed. We fell back to the pad to provide security for the evacuation.

14:20 IST Tor’s Death

“By the time we got back to the pad,” Jos continued, “Tor was setting up the explosive charges on the fuel tanks. Hilda had flipped her wig. She was swearing revenge and the death of all the Imperials when Operation Traveller made the Five Sisters Subsector hers.” Jos was pinned down by the firefight for the passage to the pad.

Liggu picked up the story:

I saw Hilda place Samantha behind her swearing to kill her slowly and then took the remote control from Tor. Hilda followed this up with an order to start the Teleport Engine. It is at this time that Tor moved to get on the pad. Tor was moving to the pad and, Hilda pulled out her automatic— stopping Tor in his tracks. Tor said something about “Aren’t we lovers to be married?” Hilda responded “No, you’re just Imp tool,,, no, an Imp beast of burden, and when those go lame like you did, there is only one thing to do.” At this point she shot Tor in the face saying, “You put them out of your misery.” Hilda activated the Teleport Engine and set off the charges. “I realized she had killed us all, or at least thought she had.”

Hilda’s Psychological state:

Hilda, surprised by our appearance, proceeded to lose control of her facilities. I believe she is now insane and therefore even more dangerous. Samantha’s life is in grave danger as she has become the focus of Hilda’s anger at the Imperium. Any mission to go after Hilda and rescue Samantha should proceed with caution. It is likely that Hilda has become obsessed with her plans to conquer the Spinward Marches. Therefore, she is more likely working to make her plans to come to fruition, rather than to be running away. I would look for her either in the Sword Worlds or the Trexalon Main.


Both the prisoners finished their statements, and I finished a light lunch. Amazingly, both Liggu and Jos then suffered acute and sudden cardiac failure. Kurk, along with the other three members of his team, have become members of the Cobalt Accord and are serving as members of the Admiral’s personal guard until follow-up plans are made.



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