The Hunt

You say you wanna Revelation?

Big Jim called a conference

He is a telepath (!!!) and he has been enhancing the interrogations with his skills. He has 180s of mind-reading skills per day.

  1. to Jim, the Imperium Spy in the Trexalon— it sounds like Psionic Interference.
  2. He doesn’t interrogate us at all
  3. Hilda is a telepath; she shields her mind. Remember she is the scout leader on Karin
  4. When we interrogated the Trexalon colonel, he didn’t tell us the complete list of their allies. He thought of the Zhondani. When we asked about the contact, he didn’t think Scout, he thought Navy.
  • 875-496: Jim used his powers to ask the right questions.
  • Ochecate: Jim doesn’t remember if he read Mewey minds or Aslan minds.
  • 975-452: No bad guys to read. He didn’t sense any living people by us when the sensors when down. He has a range of 50kkm.
  • Zephyr: Stopped the fight when I accidentally kicked the captain in the bar fight. Allowed us to get into the gunnery control area when we attacked.
  • Marseille: nothing
  • Allemagne: Thought surrender thoughts to the Osprey crew as we engaged them in starship combat.
  • Szirp: He did not use the thought power to influence our situations.

Edward saw the psionics skills as a contagious disease
Niar saw this as a lie of omission for 14 weeks against all of us
Niar told Edward that lying about Sam for 12 weeks, another lie of omission, was the same thing. Edward “got over it” right then.

Arriving at Raweh

SDBs orbiting the planets.
We got a TAS alert. See the JTAS page ( ) Read these entries:

  • Iderati Five Sisters (0732-A887798-C) World News
  • Aulryakh (Aslan Hierate 0507-A242AA4-E) Science and Technology
  • Iderati Five Sisters (0732-A887798-C) Business

Raweh’s main planet has a very thin atmosphere. Ships actually park there.
The Imperial Navy Base has pressurized buildings on this world with docking ports on some for ships.

The Commander of the Naval Base is Lt Cmdr Binghamton. He leads a small flotilla of ships of the 208th fleet:

  • 1 Midu Agashaam
  • 2 Gazelles
  • 1 Huluuga
  • 2 Thunderbird
  • 1 Xboat tender
    3000 Navy personnel, 100-150 Scouts.

We looked for Cobalt Lockdowns in Navy records; we could only get records from branches tied to Gunnery and Commandos. There are many more Commandos with Cobalt Lockdowns than Gunnery sailors…. and 3-4 Commandos who died and are yet still alive but are in positions of power. Nobody on the base. None of the active Naval personnel on the downport are actually rebirthers.

Our ship has an IFF that identifies us as a Scout Intelligence vessel if we want it on.

We went to visit Lt Commander Binghamton. We turned on our Naval IFF and the Naval base rolled over on its belly to help. We asked for fuel and they gave us instructions to dock with their fueling tender. We left two Marines aboard. Then, we landed the cutter next to the Lt Commander’s office. The base was quite hospitable to us.

Edward introduced us to Lt Cmdr Binghamton through the officer of the watch. Jim expended all his psychic power in one 10-minute segment of intense mind-reading. We spilled the whole schlemiel to Lt Cmdr Binghamton. He went from being scared, to “I’m just a Lt Cmdr” to “This could make my career!” He’s bewildered by the situation. His first thought is to arrest the ambassador. Nobody ever interacts with the ambassador so there’s no like or dislike for the guy. We also talked about Tor, and the Cmdr looked up Tor on the computer. Tor is a pain in the butt— he picks fights all the time with his ego and temper.

Tor did come through Raweh just last week. He used Hilda-issued credentials to refuel. He turned the comm unit to Brian— Ronald set up a “Forward all Tor’s messages to Ronald Solon.” order Normally, this would be a problem due to privacy concerns because Ronald set up the forward. We looked for other interception orders: for Hilda and for a couple of random scouts— all of whom have Cobalt Lockdowns. We suggested that the Marine guard that arrests Ronald should wear psi shields.

When we got there, Ronald is waiting for us. His secretary announces that “Ronald, your visitors are here.” He shows up with food and a soda in his hand. He doesn’t resist. He asked the secretary to bring his tablet— of which we took possession. The tablet has a genetic lock on it too. We told Ronald to take a nap. Ronald wasn’t blocking psionic thoughts.

We needed Big Jim for Ronald’s interrogation. We took a nap on the base at the BOQ.
24 hours later, Big Jim was recharged and we were ready for the real interrogation.

Ronald’s Interrogation

We asked Binghamton to leave so he didn’t hear questions above his pay grade. We worried that maybe Ronald was on the up-and-up so we didn’t want the government exposed to a “low-life” Lt Cmdr. We met Ronald and he had more food. We told Ronald who we were and why we brought him here, and asked him to explain why he is dead yet rebirthed. He told us that he needed his tablet to explain to us the problem and we let him. He was thinking that “these people need to see and sign the Cobalt Accord.” He mustered up lots of bravado and we saw he is made of muscle and not fat (bigger than Big Jim!)

“Everyone needs to sign the Cobalt Security Accord. Failure to do so can result in your immediate execution, telling anyone you signed it can result in your immediate execution, and so can revealing anything we discussed to anyone other than Cobalt Accord signatories. In fact, this meeting never took place, you all understand!” All of this done is with a smidgen of Gyros on his face.

Niar, Jim, Otto, Brian, Edward signed it, in that order.

We were flagged when we searched for Tor’s mail situation. He’s been following Tor and Hilda’s emails for a while. The most recent email read “The wedding plan has been accelerated. Bring the present to me at the alpha site. I want to unwrap it myself.” Ronald doesn’t know what the code words mean. Throughout the discussion, Ronald was trying to place Hilda and Tor’s actions within the context of the conspiracy in his mind. We think the present is Sam. We explained the whole mission to Ronald— it’s not just a wedding. If you are who you say you are, then you are the one to help us out he.

The messages begin mentioning The Present at the point where Ryan was sent to find Sam. Other emails stretch back to when Tor was active with Hilda. We tried to correlate Tor’s actions with other piracies but it would take a long time and databases to do.

Jim mentions Tor’s contact is The Witch. We returned to Ronald’s office, where it is secure. He has a black globe privacy screen in his office.

“There is definitely a conspiracy in progress. The “alpha site” is probably Andor. We should go there and take charge.” Ronald has a rack of disguise kits in a huge file cabinet-style wardrobe— he picks his own uniform out of his kit. Lt Cmdr Ronald Solon.

He explained he was killed to go under deep cover. He was upset that we got the records of his death and didn’t understand how that worked.

We decided to take Ronald and two more Marines. We left his secretary to finish up paperwork. We explained that “we jumped to conclusions” to Lt Cmdr Binghamton.

We stocked up on supplies and then we jumped for Andor.

In Jumpspace to Andor

The Cobalt Accord is the Imperial Official Secrets Act— we cannot talk about the Ancients unless they are also in the Cobalt Accord. These are the guys who protect the Ancients’ secrets for the Imperium. They know what a black globe generator actually is. All rebirthers are active deep cover agents involved in the Cobalt Accord.


  • Niar jumped his dex by 1
  • Jim’s sensors went up by 1
  • Otto began working on Intelligence
  • Brian began working on strength
  • Edward began working on computer

Waiting to finish this jumpspace bit on the 17th!



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