This world, along with its sister system of Candory, were added to the Imperium in 802 and both were immediately redzoned due to their Droyne colonies. Physically, it’s a beautiful world of forests, mountains, oceans, rivers, and lakes. Did we mention the radioactive deserts in the center of the world? The atmosphere is perfect for the winged Droyne who can be seen flying from trees, mountains, and skyscrapers. Unfortunately the radioactive level from a nuclear war 300 years ago is still tainting the world. It is not uncommon for Droyne to wear vaccsuits when they spend a long time outdoors.


With a population somewhere near a million Droyne, there are hundreds or even thousands of Oytrip, or settlements, scattered across the planet. The largest, Yothvotdyo, is recognized by the Scouts and Navy as the the capital. Located about 300 miles north of the Starport, it is the manufacturing center of the world, stretching all the way to the Home the Imperium Starport. They deal with its leaders as if they control the world, but they only control this region. The others really never interact with the Imperial bases. The exceptions are Syusa and Usat, which are the largest Oytrips near the nuclear ruins being studied by the Scouts. Each Oytrip is controlled by a leadership council and controls a small army of warriors and workers. Since the war that nearly devastated the world, all Oytrip try their best to avoid even ritual warfare.

The Imperium maintains both a B class Highport and Downport. Except for a sensor and communication array manned by the scouts, the Highport is mostly for the small naval fleet providing the interdiction. The Downport is formally known as Home — a translation from the term used by the Droyne — and is the center of the Scout operations.


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